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interior rendering of steel beams and framing

We Excel at the


staircase rendering
Our people are willing to push the boundaries of our clients' expectations to deliver truly outstanding and creative solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to design for construction means and methods, follow the principles of performance-based design, and thrive on unusual logistics and schedule challenges. 
Partnering with Architects

A Partner with Vision

For Architects

With a wealth of experience working alongside architects, we prioritize three key factors:

  • creative solutions to enable our clients’ vision,
  • reliability, and
  • cost-effectiveness.

We believe in enabling architects to bring their visions to life while staying within the budget. GPLA understands that providing an exceptional project experience for the owner translates into more projects for our clients. That's why our team brings creativity to the table, and we rarely say no. Instead, we offer creative alternatives for our clients to consider.

a rendering of the outside of a concrete with two kids playing under the concrete bridge in a marroon circle

We take pride in simplifying complex solutions, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule while adhering to the original creative design. Effective communication is crucial to us, and we strive to communicate clearly and concisely to ensure success.

Our ultimate goal is to make the project experience an enjoyable one for everyone involved.

Partnering with Builders

A Partner in Problem Solving

For Builders

Our team offers a unique blend of creativity, quick thinking, knowledge, and experience that enables us to communicate effectively with the field.

We recognize the importance of speed in the construction industry and collaborate closely with the field to ensure we keep pace. Our ability to solve problems swiftly and efficiently is a game-changer for general contractors, enabling them to revamp their procurement process, secure competitive pricing, and exercise greater control over project scheduling.

Instead of bidding on a design package, contractors can bid on a comprehensive fabrication ready package that features more precise pricing, improved scheduling, and better risk management in procurement, ultimately granting them greater control over the critical path.

two craft builders on a jobsite connecting a lift to paneling
Partnering with Fabricators

Partners with Precision


Our detailing services are a valuable asset to fabricators.

Our detailers possess extensive real-world experience and expertise in the steel industry. This enables them to accurately and precisely detail steel fabrication projects, ensuring the highest quality output. Moreover, our team has a deep understanding of regional requirements and sensitivities, making sure that we respect those preferences in our work.

Our structural engineers are adept at connection engineering, erection sequencing and planning, and efficient fabrication. By collaborating closely with our detailing team, they deliver excellent results that focus on accurate, on-time delivery–helping our fabricator clients to shine in front of project teams.

a rendering of a staircase in a maroon circle