Vantage CA3

Santa Clara, California

Model street view of a 4 story building with cars driving by

GPLA Brings Constructability Solutions to Vantage CA3 Data Center Project in Heart of Silicon Valley

Vantage CA 3 Phase 1 is a mission critical data center facility located on nearly eight acres in Santa Clara, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley, located within a two-mile radius of two other Vantage campuses in the region. Spanning over 480,000 square feet, the four-story data center facility is designed to include more than 64MW of IT capacity.

GPLA worked in a design-assist role alongside the project’s structural engineer of record, Peoples Associates Structural Engineers (PASE), to help deliver the complex structural framing and foundation design and rebar detailing work on this project, whose complexity is amplified by its location in a high seismic region. The GPLA team was integral to the process by innovating highly constructable solutions that met the design intent while enabling the project to be constructed as envisioned.

The prefabricated building foundations and every piece of rebar were heavily coordinated in the model, ensuring accuracy in the final product and building certainty into the construction process. Leveraging their HD-BIM virtual design and coordination capabilities to deliver LOD 400, fabrication level modeling, GPLA designed and coordinated the prefabricated cages for the steel grade beams and provided alternative solutions at the lap locations for the complex rebar design in the facility.

The alternative rebar lapping solution devised by GPLA, utilizing HRC 555 T headed reinforcing bars, vastly reduced the total amount of rebar that was originally thought to be required for this. In addition, the early coordination work in the model with the trade contractors and designers drove early solutions to issues that otherwise may have been found in the field during construction.

Despite facing extensive weather delays and myriad other challenges, the design and construction team worked together to successfully delivered this important project for Vantage Data Centers on time and budget, completing it with a strong safety record. The facility is projected to open its door to customers in 2024.